Wonderful energy healing session. I would recommend Lindsay to all. She was patient and made me feel comfortable while going through the steps. I felt comfortable asking questions and got a lot out of the healing and advice she gave to me for self-care.
— Rosie, energy healing client

My custom flower essence blend arrived! It’s so lovely! I can’t think of a better mix of intentions / energies / magic than the ones you describe in what you concocted. You truly heard me in that consultation, and now I am very excited and hopeful to take my drops!
— Wil, flower essence client

Lindsay is such a refreshing, engaging yoga instructor. Her classes are a joy! She gives really great, accessible cues and makes class both grounded and fun.
— Jessie, yoga student

Lindsay has a real talent for creating a safe and comfortable instructional space for her students. Her work strikes a delicate balance of fun, informative, and intimate, with the wellbeing of the students as a top priority. I left feeling empowered and equipped with helpful mental and physical tools for living a more mindful life.
— Anonymous, yoga student

Great session with Lindsay! She was very thorough, patient, and really thought about what I needed. I felt more balanced and understood myself better afterwards. I will definitely go back.
— Liz, energy healing client

Just had another awesome yoga class with Lindsay! She’s unusually good at giving modifications to make yoga work for everybody, and I love the creative, well thought out workshops.
— Chris, Yoga Student

I’m doing a lot better since the session. I’ve been focusing a lot more on taking advantage of the time I have by myself to just write and record music. Like tons. And of course since I’ve been actually more present, other things have been falling into place nicely.
— - Zach, Energy Healing Client

Lindsay offered a welcoming and supportive energy, and asked great questions to help me get clarity on the medicine I needed. The essence she crafted has been a valuable tool to help me shift some patterns I’ve been struggling with for a long time. The accompanying card offered a wealth of information that helped me learn more about the flower ancestors who are helping me on my journey, which is such a different approach than western allopathic medicine, where no one seems to have time to explain what we’re putting in our bodies. Now I feel more empowered to continue to build relationships with the flowers and herbs that I was introduced to through Lindsay’s thoughtful and caring work!
— Belia, Flower Essence Client