Private Yoga

Each yoga practice is personal and thus unique. Due to their inherent limitations, even the highest quality group yoga classes taught by the best teachers often fall short of providing the level of personalized instruction necessary to truly help students refine and deepen their practice. I hold the belief that yoga can—and should—be accessible to everyone, regardless of level of experience, body type, flexibility, mobility, injury, or disability. After a thorough intake, I tailor each private yoga lesson to the student's particular needs and interests. In working with yoga poses, my focus is on helping students refine their practice and develop (or relearn) good habits that challenge, yet keep the body safe. Whether you are a brand-new beginner, seasoned practitioner, or a "sometimes yogi," a strong foundation is essential to a safe and beneficial practice.


Private Yoga Lesson

60 MINUTES $125 • 90 MINUTES $175

Private yoga lessons give us the freedom to work together in whatever way would most support your practice. They are ideal for:
- Being introduced to the practice of yoga in a safe and supportive environment
- Fine-tuning a specific yoga pose (basic to advanced)
- Adapting poses to your unique anatomy
- Modifying your practice due to an injury
- Developing a home yoga practice
- Learning what options you can choose in group classes
- Incorporating meditation and/or breathwork (pranayama) into your practice

Please note that the prices above are the base rates for private yoga lessons. Our meeting location, including studio rental fees, may impact the total cost.

Semi-Private Yoga Lesson

60 MINUTES $175 • 90 MINUTES $225

Semi-private yoga lessons are designed for two or more students. They're a great choice for couples, friends, and groups who want to experience some of the personalized elements of private lessons without being the sole focus. Semi-private lessons are most appropriate for students of a similar experience level who share (or want to develop) a similar practice style: slow and methodical, energizing vinyasa, etc. They can be customized to focus on a certain theme (such as grounding or courage), a single pose, or a category of poses (inversions, backbends, etc). I can also design practices as a ritual for the new and full moon or to commemorate important milestones in your lives. 

Please note that the prices above are the base rates for semi-private yoga lessons. Our meeting location, including studio rental fees, and the size of the group may impact the total cost.



I am able to rent space for private lessons at several different Washington, DC yoga studios. I am sometimes able to give lessons in your home or building's gym, depending on the space. Studio rental and travel fees vary, so please inquire. 

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