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Meditation and breathwork (known to yoga practitioners as “pranayama”) are two of the simplest and most common mindfulness practices, yet they can have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing. The two practices tend to go hand in hand: breathwork is naturally meditative, while meditation brings our awareness into the present moment, which reconnects us with our breath. Often, practitioners engage with breathing exercises as a specific form of focused meditation. Regardless of how you connect with the practices, the benefits of both are myriad.

Potential Benefits of meditation and breathwork

  • Supports a greater sense of inner peace, presence, and awareness of the self and environment

  • Activate the body's relaxation response, thereby reducing stress and anxiety

  • Increase energy, mental clarity, concentration, memory, focus, and intuition

  • Promote healthy organ function, including digestion, elimination, and absorption

  • Lower blood pressure, prevent and reduce illness and disease

  • Help us tune in to the body's inner wisdom, enabling us to make more informed decisions about our health

  • Connect us with our individual energy field and universal consciousness

While both are featured regularly in my yoga teaching, here you can learn about sessions dedicated specifically to helping you establish or deepen a guided meditation and breathwork practice.


In Person Sessions

60 MINUTES $125

Many people who try meditation quickly become discouraged because they have trouble "shutting off" their thoughts and sitting in silence. Fortunately, yoga offers us a great variety of meditation practices, including many breathwork techniques, which give us a focal point for concentration, rather than seeking complete silence of the mind. My guided meditation and breathwork sessions help makes these practices accessible to practitioners of all levels of experience (or non-experience). Depending on your needs and goals, they can include:

  • Observing the breath and/or thoughts

  • Specific breathing exercises selected to support specific goals (i.e. for increased energy, balance, grounding, anxiety reduction, digestive support, etc.)

  • Repetition of a mantra to enhance focus

  • Working with affirmations, intentions, and manifestation

  • Mudras (hand positions that support specific energies)

  • Sensory meditation, which engages with your surroundings

  • Walking or moving meditation

  • Guided progressive relaxation

  • Chakra balancing meditations

Please note that the prices above are the base rates for guided meditation and breathwork. Our meeting location, including studio rental fees, may impact the total cost.

Zoom Sessions

30 MINUTES $70 • 60 MINUTES $110

Most of the meditation and breathwork practices described above can be guided over Zoom. This is often an ideal option for busy professionals, practitioners who are not local to DC, or anyone who prefers to meditate in a private setting. 



I am able to rent space for guided meditation and breathwork at several different Washington, DC yoga studios. I am often able to guide sessions in your home or office as well. Studio rental and travel fees vary, so please inquire. 

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