Group Yoga Classes

As a yoga teacher, I strive to cultivate a safe, supportive environment, encouraging students to develop body awareness and challenge themselves, while also empowering them to make mistakes and honor their own needs. While precise, anatomically-informed alignment is one of my specialties, I enjoy introducing students to the meditative and spiritual components of the practice. I love sharing the wisdom of the subtle body and encourage students to tune in to any energetic sensations that arise, especially through mindful breathing. Deconstructing seemingly complex or "advanced" poses and making them accessible to students of various levels is a particular passion of mine. My current focus is on offering deep healing of the mind, body, and spirit through restorative yoga, coupled with energy healing.


Restorative + Reiki

Sundays - 6:30-7:45pm

This 75-minute evening class combines traditional Restorative Yoga and the energy practice of Reiki. Surrender to the deep relaxation of a targeted series of prop-supported poses, while receiving energetic healing. Minimizing effort and maximizing rest, this class is a truly rejuvenating experience for body, mind and spirit. All levels.

Embrace Yoga
1650 Columbia Road NW
Washington, DC 20009