Flower Essences

Flower Essences, are a form of energetic plant medicine that deepen and enhance the healing process. Flower essences are prepared by placing fresh flowers in pure water and infusing for a few hours under sun or moonlight. The flowers are then strained out and the infused water is preserved with a small amount of brandy. Similar to homeopathy, flower essences are diluted until they no longer contain physical properties of the flower. What remains is the flower’s pure energetic signature in its highest vibrational form.

Why Flower Essences?

In the words of my teacher, Lupo Passero: “Whereas drugs and herbs are used to treat physical and mental illness, flower essences work on a deeper level, helping to support energetic changes in the body. The essences gently encourage deep emotional and mental changes in the consciousness, which continue to be a part of our lives even after we stop taking them.” While essences can be taken individually, a flower essence practitioner will combine several essences to formulate a specific blend that aligns with an individual’s intentions for healing and growth. Because of their brief infusion period and significant dilution, flower essences do not contain herbal constituents, and have no contradictions with other medications. (They do, however, contain alcohol.)

Flower essences are usually administered in a one-ounce glass dropper bottle. A typical dosage is between two and four drops, four times a day. The drops may be taken on or under the tongue, or alternatively, in a cup of tea or water. Most clients find that their formula will last between three weeks and one month when taken regularly. As Lupo beautifully puts it, “The effects of flower essences are subtle and very gentle, yet profound. Flower essences are often the key component to completely healing all levels of the body. They encourage true soul healing.”


New Client Consultation

NEw Consultation + Formulation $125

Flower essence consultations typically take place over the phone or Zoom and last around 30-45 minutes. During the initial consultation, we’ll review your physical and mental health, with a focus on any emotional, relational, or energetic patterns you’d like to shift. It’s helpful to give some advance thought to what patterns you engage in that you feel are holding you back from accessing a sense of wellbeing or aligning with your higher self.

After our consultation, I’ll spend about an hour formulating a blend of essences, customized to support your unique healing needs. This process involves doing both research and intuitive work, which allows me to hone in on the specific essences that will best assist you. I will bottle and ship the formula to you within a week.

Returning Client Consultation

Follow-Up Consultation + Formulation $95

In taking your initial flower essence formula over the course of weeks or months and integrating its medicine into your daily life, you’ll likely notice subtle and profound shifts in your emotions, mindset, and relationships. As you continue to evolve, shed old patterns, and heal old wounds, you may find that additional—perhaps previously buried—issues to rise to the surface as you become increasingly ready to address them. Many flower essence clients choose to return for a follow-up consultation, after which I will blend a brand new formula, tailored to your current needs.

Please allow 20-30 minutes to speak by Zoom or phone. I will bottle and ship the formula to you within a week.

Refill of a Custom Formula

Flower Essence Blend Refill $25 + shipping

Sometimes clients find that they would like to continue working with the same essence blend after their initial bottle runs out. This is a wonderful choice if you have found the original formulation to be effective, but feel that you would benefit from spending more time with the essence blend in order for it to finish making it shifts. I would be happy to blend you an identical refill… please just ask!



Flower essence consultations typically take place over Skype or phone, but occasionally I can meet clients in person in Washington, DC. I will formulate and mail your essence within a week of our consultation.

Sliding Scale

I offer a select number of sliding scale consultations and prioritize POC, queer, trans, and femme folks as recipients. Please reach out to inquire.

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