About Lindsay Tauscher, HTCP, Reiki L2, CYT, CCH


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I am an energy healer, yoga teacher, and student of herbalism. My journey toward becoming a holistic healer began with my yoga practice in 2010. My original goal was to increase strength and flexibility as a rock climber, but I quickly noticed the positive impact that yoga had on my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Having spent years struggling to find peace in my mind and body, yoga gradually taught me to replace self-judgment with self-acceptance, which remains an ongoing part of my growth process and has made me passionate about sharing the transformative power of mindful embodiment with others. In 2014, I received my 200-hour yoga teaching certification through YogaWorks and have been teaching ever since. 

Intrigued by what I had learned about the chakra system as a yoga teacher, I decided to deepen my relationship with subtle body energetics. In 2015, I took Reiki Level 1 at the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, which opened the door to my work as an energy healer. Soon after, I took my energy healing studies to the next level with the Healing Touch Program. After five levels of training and a multi-year apprenticeship building on my studies and working with clients, I became a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner in 2017. In 2018 I was certified as a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, which has allowed me to incorporate the energetically potent Reiki symbols into my energy healing practice.

As my interest in energetics continued to grow, I was called to begin incorporating allies from the natural world, namely crystals and flower essences, into healings. In 2018, I received my Crystal Healer Certification through the highly reputable Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, as well as my Flower Essence Practitioner Certification through Twin Star Herbal Education.

My interest in how trauma energetically lodges in the body led me to complete a training on Yoga Essentials for Early Intervention Following Assault or Trauma with yoga therapist Diana Tokaji. This training equipped me to offer sensitive and supportive yoga-based interventions to help clients who have experience trauma rebuild a sense of safety and strength.

I have always believed that sexual health is an essential component of our wellbeing, so in 2016 I completed the Sexuality Education Cornerstone Seminar through Planned Parenthood. I am compassionate, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable about diverse sexualities, gender identities, and relationship structures. 

For the past four years, I have also been studying Western herbalism and the relationship between the health of humans and the healing power of plants, which also informs my work with my clients. Finally, while meditation has always been essential element of my work as a yoga teacher, I was formally certified as a Meditation Teacher with April Puciata in 2019. Beyond any one specific modality, I believe that a holistic approach can best support the comprehensive wellness of every being: in mind, body, and spirit.